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Ludovic Minet - France / Photography

Portrait - Ludovic Minet

About the Artist

Ludovic Minet lives and works as an artist in Paris. Currently he focuses on the creation of images based on the photography of insects. Ludovic Minet is engaged in photography after a first career as an interior designer for the prestigious luxury House Hermès within the Department of Decoration of the Windows, led by Leila Menchari. Within the House of Hermes, Ludovic Minet is in charge of the scenography, he learned by personal interest the sheath of Art and forms also in photography at the school of the Gobelins in Paris.

During a trip to the Japan, he discovers the culture and special Oriental aesthetics. In Japan, insects have a full-fledged place in the art and culture of the country, as the Japanese are far western considerations such as fear or disgust that sometimes evoke these small creatures. Rich of this Japanese philosophy, Ludovic Minet knows enhance and promote insects through new photographic compositions. His photographs are composed as a sort of still life modern, where the Viewer is driven in a psychedelic spiral formed by a multitude of colorful insects.

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