“It takes a lot of time and contemplation for an idea to fully develop.

My strongest images are very planned and considered before I even begin to put the pieces in place or begin shooting…

I would describe my photography as being very dark and
narrative based… I strive to balance beauty with meaning. »

Alex Stoddard



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Alex Stoddard - USA / Photography

Portrait - Ludovic Minet

About the Artist

Alex Stoddard is a talented young photographer based in Los Angeles, California. He spent his youth in Georgia, where, at the age of 16, he was introduced to photography focusing on an unusual and ambitious project: take a self-portrait a day for 365 days. His project posted on Flickr received exponential success that enabled him to get noticed the general public and sites such as My Modern Metropolis and Refinery 29. Thanks to this project, he was also named in the Top 20 of the best photographers less 20 years by Yahoo in 2014.

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