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The black and white sketch artist, one line, one breath - Born in Tel Aviv, 1970. Lives and works in Tel Aviv. Graduated with honors from the visual media department of the Vital Center for the Study of Design in Tel Aviv, majoring in design in various media in Israel. Nissim is an expressive artist who works using the action painting method: a painting that is created when rationality cannot contain emotion. According to this method, the attempt is to create an image that is free from the constraints of logic. Contemplation of his first works reveals a process of creation and study of the line, the story, the image, and the personal expression that grows sharper and more powerful over time.

Nissim Ben Aderet - Israël / Drawings

The artwork stems from of a simple black line on a white canvas. The painting starts with the placement of the marker pen upon the large empty drawing platform, which then evolves to create an intricate world of patterns...

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